Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding dresses ...

Today is a special day and it is so because it is the restart of me in search of my sweet sweet wedding dress which I am sure to find sometime this summer. Now last year I found a wonderful dress which I'll have you know my lovely mommy picked out for me, but 2 years before my wedding  I was not sure to purchase in fear that my tastes would change. And i'll have you know they have ! 

I have fallen in love with several dresses but like always they are in America or Australia or some other distant land far far from my own. Here are a few that I am so falling madly and deeply in love with; simple but so freaking elegant and darn beautiful !

(source: pinterest)

(source: adriennepage)

(source: ruffled)

(source: halobridal)

As you can see they are all so beautiful. But what I actually choose obviously will be a mystery only my mommy and maid of honour will know tehehehehe !

Hope you all enjoying this wonderful Monday.

Love Chrissi x

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Christen said...

All those dresses are beautiful!! I especially like the second one!