Thursday, May 10, 2012

My heart melts ....

Yesterday I got the sweetest of cards ever. It was sent by one of my girls accepting to be my bridesmaid and it went along the lines of:

We've been more than cousins
All of these years,
Through the thick and thin,
Some joy and some tears.

When I think back on those special days,
Of the fun we had in so many ways,
I think of the way I always knew,
I'd stand beside you when you say 'I do!'

You are my dearest cousin,
and it is so very clear,
that our love for each other
will last though the years.

A special poem I have chosen for you,
Along with your flowers,
please remember it too.

A memento it becomes
from your wedding day.
That I hope you will cherish
as the years pass away !

The card was so cute; all hand made and beautifully written that I daren't ever throw it away. I cried so much afterwards and was thoroughly thrilled that she said yes. So a little thank you goes out to her Rose Elizabeth Buckley the little star she is ... I can't wait for you to look all beautiful and glamourous on my big day and have you walk down the aisle with me; nanny would be so proud. I love you so much and thank you a million times over ! 

So there you have it a little post for today. I am again in tears just writing this. For now I will sign off and go busy myself looking at bridesmaid dresses.

Love Chrissi x


Liesl said...

How SWEET is this!!! Love her response to your thoughtful! Oh how I love cards in general! :) So glad it made you so happy too! <3

Anonymous said...

Aw how lovely! <3 x

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it , I thought it was lovely too , she can be thoughtful sometimes xxxx<3 your auntie. Dawn

Chrissi Holt said...

Lol ! Of course she is as always .... just wait till you find out who my maid of honour is hahahahahaha ! It's a surprise and you won't find out till my bachelorette party !!! xxx