Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This weekend ...

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Last weekend marked the beginnings of our wedding planning. It was a beautiful weekend whilst at the same time a tough one. It was set to be amazing with lots of wonderful things planned; lots of yummy fresh seafood, beach time, visiting friends, and of course checking out the venues for our wedding to be. But what decided to pop in at the same time the flu ! Yes I was sick the entire time we were in Brittany but oh boy I tried my hardest to not let it ruin the fun. So I coughed and spluttered and lost my taste for anything which is really not great when you end up in a 5* restaurant and not able to taste anything boooo and I also sweated like a roast chicken in the oven gosh do I feel sorry for those that had no choice but to put up with all this. Poor Eddy he really didn't get much sleep with me whimpering like a wounded puppy in the bed next to him.

Saying all that we did choose a venue and a date; so I believe, so I am one very happy puppy and the upside is I am finally recovering wahoooo ! 

I am sure that you will all see a great deal of wedding planning in action around here for quite sometime now. It's a way I can try and gather my ideas into a well organised space (or rather I hope!). 

If I bore you let me know and I'll try and change the subject !

Got any tips of how to organise my wedding planning ? Please let me know ! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Boo hoo I'm unwell ...


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I have been unwell this weekend and having just arrived back from France I need a well deserved rest, lots of lemon tea and plenty of sleep. So please excuse the quietness around here for a day or two.

Love Chrissi

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30th birthday party...

I enjoyed planning my 30th birthday party last year and yes there was lots of glitter, pretty colours and of course confetti you know I am a huge sucker for anything sparkly. There was lots of confetti throwing, dancing, laughter, cake and of course champagne with raspberries. These pictures make me smile when I look at them. I hope that you enjoy them as much as me!

There are of course a lot more photos than this but for most of them they just don't seem right to put up on my blog. Sorry guys ! A little to wild and crazy to share ! By the way I would like to add that I made this vanilla cake and it was delicious. If you would like to know the recipe then please visit Sweetapolita.

Oh and please excuse the lighting I have yet to work out how to properly photo edit !

Tubs of sparkly love
Chrissi x

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Shrove Tuesday !

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Today is pancake day. Do we love pancakes oh yes we do ! In our house pancakes aren't just eaten once a year but rather a lot of times ! My man and I we loves our crepes indeed yum yum ! Lol, but whilst I always indulged and engrossed myself in the making and eating of these fine little fellas, I never had to fear anything else. Oh no no no not until this year. Until just now I did not realise that lent began on Shrove Tuesday (how stupid and blonde am I?!) very ! This year I am going to give up caffeine. WHAT ?! Yep you heard it coffee, tea and anything else that contains the drug does that mean hot chocolate is included, damn betta get me some hot chocolate right now to make up for the next 6 weeks or so ! It is gonna be a tough one but I wanna see if it helps me and me old dark shadows; I need to perk my little old eyes up for the wedding of the year next year....

Do you celebrate Shrove Tuesday in the States or anywhere else in the world ? Or is that another blonde question? Sometimes I feel like I should know these things. I am too afraid to ask the other half he just looks at me dumb-folded and then rolls around in fits of laughter saying 'oh Chrissi dear'. Hmmm ... so thought it was best to ask you guys. 

Whilst I will be head to toes in flour and sugar today it won't be because of this fine little dandy although I wish it was ! IS it ok to ask for a kitten for a wedding gift ? Damn that would be a good one. 

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So tell me what everyone else will be giving up if anything at all. 

Note: I am posting this 6 hours too early, but I have to work early tomorrow and will forget as I am a bit dopey in the mornings.... 

Wedding venues .... 

This weekend our wedding planning officially begins. Wahoooooo ! I am excited. Eddy asked me as soon as we got engaged where would I like to get married and without hesitation I blurted out Brittany, France hoping and praying that he would agree and want the same. Lucky enough he does ! Why would we choose Brittany ? Because it is so freaking beautiful. Good food, good cider, good beaches (even though the weather is typically very British), it's just so relaxing and pleasing to the eye. And I know for a fact his parents, sister and brother-in-law would love it too. For Pete's sake we 'All Love Brittany' ! So Brittany it is.

Question what venue we will choose is still a guessing game. I am a fuss pot and a perfectionist so it all depends on the reception room, the surroundings and what perks we can get out of it as well as whether or not it is able to entertain Chrissi style, which is lots of confetti, balloons, candles, pretty pink and white flowers oh and of course but hush this is a secret lots of glitter. Lol I love glitter and confetti Bando all the way is what I like to say ! 

The venues on the list are of course and I would never go for anything less; are Chateau's (notice I put the English plural form because Chateaux just doesn't read right lol ). I mean if you are coming from abroad to marry in France then you might as well make it a castle ! Sounds so cool !

Venue number 1. Chateau de Lanniron

Venue number 2. Chateau de Gulguifin

Venue number 3. Chateau de Keriolet

Aren't they all so adorable. I love them so much especially the last one but heavens is it expensive. It might be another story though this weekend when I am there in real life so we will see. 

Wish us luck !

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lounge wall ...

We live in a high ceiling terraced flat in London and while filling the space seems possible what I don't want to do is over fill it. Cleaning afterwards is a nightmare ! We both like minimalism and while Eddy likes white and grey I love subtle colours too. There are many differences which is making it rather difficult to find something ideal for this large bland area above our sofa. Also the walls are somewhat uneven and when the sunlight sets a glow onto it you can see all the problem areas. 

A solution I had I came up with was to find a wallpaper that would hide some of the bumps whilst at the same time add some colour to the room as it is fairly white as you can see. Second idea would be to add some framed artwork to the walls, but deciding on what style to go for is proving to be a problem. I love Alaina's Big Ben and Eiffel Tower print which you can see here:

(source: LCY)

But I also like a more dramatic approach such as this with the different coloured frames and pretty prints:

(source: decor8)

So what do you think ? I don't want to go overboard if I go for the more colourful arrangement as the wallpaper will be quite detailed. It won't be drastic as that is out of the question, but definitely a pretty floral and most probably a pastel green. 

Oh and as for the coffee table as you can see it looks a little out of place in this very white room, it's in the midsts of being spruced up in yes you guessed it white ! In fact you can't tell by the picture but it will be white washed like the bookcase; I quite like being able to see the grain through the paint, adds a bit of contrast to the woodwork on the other side of the room which is white gloss. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Cake ...

There is nothing more that I love doing than baking cakes and I will look for any opportunity to get my hands sticky trying new recipes. I love to bake. I don't really know where I get it from mind you as my mom is not really into baking. She says she can but that she is just too darn lazy. She would much rather just buy a cake ! I on the other hand prefer to make things from scratch I think it has something to do with dating a French man :) Also I find it is so much more rewarding. Don't ya think ?!

Anyhow, the deal is is that I have offered to bake a cake for one of Eddy's best friends birthday, but the decision is so difficult as there are so many good recipes out there. I like the idea of a chocolate cake as he really is a chocoholic but I want to do something different.

Some of the ideas I have are:

1. a chocolate mint slice 

2. brooklyn blackout cake

3. chocolate biscuit cake

(source: spabettie)

What do you prefer ? What can you see yourself tasting ? I myself love the idea of number 3.  I use to buy a bar of something similar to this a lot a while back and I loved it. 

Do you have any other recipes that you have tried and tested which proved to be a winner ? If so let me know !

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's day was a hit ...

Valentine's day flew by so quickly that I just wasn't able to catch my breath and why did it have to fall on a work day ?! I mean seriously it's just not acceptable ! Either way though it was a enjoyable and beautiful evening full of laughter and plenty of love. There were the gifts a bright peach cardigan, a beautiful white orchid; I called Valentina, and a box of the darkest chocolates around. I was very happy especially with Valentina. Being a romantic French man he normally goes for the bouquets but I think he knows better these days after 6 years of being together I DO NOT LIKE RED ROSES ! Why you may think ? Well honestly I don't really know I just prefer subtle colours to decorate my home and that's it; I think !

The evening in The Diner was lovely and as for the etiquettes it went quite well until I remembered that I wasn't suppose to be ordering my own food and that it was meant to have been my date ! Oops. Other than that he did pay for the meal so I was very happy and he did look after me when near the traffic. Bless him he is such a sweetheart.

By the way just in case you didn't realise this is me drinking a coke float which I must point out is rather tasty ! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's tea and cake ...

I have a wonderful surprise for when Eddy gets home shortly. Valentine's tea and cake. 
Boy is it good. I couldn't resist the temptation of trying a little of the homemade cake just to make sure that was palatable ! Lol well I needed an excuse to try it didn't I ?! 

Although it's not my turn to organise valentine's day this year. I just had to do something a little sweet and special and this is the result after a morning of sticking my fingers together and making a huge mess of what was before a very tidy kitchen ... oops ! 

Enjoy your valentine's mine has already started ! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's is almost here.

When I spoke to Eddy last week about what he wanted to do for Valentine's he suggested something a little less than traditional; having dinner at an American style diner near to where we live. I will have to admit at first I was a little shaken by his proposed date I mean if you know me well enough I am one who likes to make a lot of pretty decorations and cakes for the holidays including a very fancy dinner with champagne. This really doesn't fit the bill !

After much thought, however, it could actually be quite fun. Lol maybe we could dress up 1950s style and pretend we are on our first date sipping cola while eating a burger with chips. That would be a hit for some fabulous photographs. Trouble is I am not sure I could convince Eddy to gel his hair back and put on a leather jacket even though it would be pretty cool !! I'll have to see what I can do.

In response to the 1950s and dating you have got to check this out. 

Dating etiquette for ladies;

1. Do not ask a guy out
2.When someone asks you out it's only proper to give an immediate answer
3. Never break a date without a valid enough reason
4. There's no such thing as  fashionably late; be ready when your date arrives
5. It's only proper to introduce your date to your parents
6. Don't apply makeup in public
7. At a restaurant, it's ladylike to tell your date what you want for dinner so he can order
8. Don't humiliate your date by trying to pay

Dating etiquette for men:

1. Don't wait until the last minute to ask a girl out
2. Call for her at the door
3. Ask her parents when they want her home
4. Help her put on her coat
5. Real gentlemen open car doors for her - or any door for that matter
6. It's chivalrous to walk between her and the curb
7. Bring enough money.

My my how times have changed. I suggested to Eddy about practising these etiquettes on Tuesday and boy did he laugh. I do love the idea though of him opening doors for me, protecting me from the traffic and paying for my meal (not that he doesn't do that already). 

So we will see what happens. What is everybody else up to this Valentine's day ? 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

That lost button ...

Damn this cardigan is just too cute to have a button missing. I have been rummaging around for ages looking for that long lost button with no such look. It's been a year and a half or is it two or more ?! I can't even remember. All I remember is my mom buying it for me and it's long lost button suddenly vanishing. Sad for it has been stuck in the cupboard for quite sometime. It is in perfectly good condition why would I just leave it in there ? I need cardigans.

Idea that pops to mind. Chrissi you could just change all the buttons with a little something special. BINGO fantastic idea. But goodness. Do you know how many great buttons there are out there ? It's gonna take me ages to pick one out ! Maybe I could add some red hearts in time for Valentine's ? Or maybe that would be a little too babyish ? Or even some dictionary print buttons ? Or just simple pretty pastel coloured buttons ?

And so my little project for this weekend is to find some cute buttons for my lovely little cardigan. I will keep you posted.


UPDATE: I found some adorable buttons in Loop today. I plan on sewing them onto my cardigan tomorrow. So I will add a photo of me wearing it as soon as possible. I am so excited !

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Instagram

So behind all this..

Why is it that everyone appears to be ahead of me in this game ! I feel like some Old Age Pensioner trying to suss out all these new gadgets it's driving me crazy ! OK well I discovered Instagram the other day thanks to a few of my amazing friends. It seems to be the smallest of beautiful things that can make me happy. I am hoping in the long run I will have a huge selection of adorable photos but for now here are just a few that I have already taken.

(from top to bottom, wise words hanging in my kitchen, 2 week old flowers 
and my last craft project by Sweet Paul).

View my Instagram here christianaholt.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Lounge which is in actual fact still in the making !

Time for a wee update. I have been a bit slack this week with the posting which is mainly due to the fact that I have been so friggin cold. We are having Arctic conditions threatening our every move right now here in England. Who can possibly work in sub zero temperatures ? Moi ? Certainly not ! My brain does nothing but go on standby during such times I mean I think I should have emigrated years ago to hotter climates ! In actual fact I believe (and who would not agree with me) that it should be made illegal to even work in such conditions ?! Ha that would be so fabulous ! Sorry I can't come to work today as I'll be arrested ! LOL !

OK Chrissi seriously you are losing it. Pipe down already and get back to the topic 'The Lounge' ! Righty ho then ! The thing is I would have rather have said it with pictures but a bit of a hiccup and I seem to have misplaced all of the pictures of the lounge in the making; or did I even take any ?? Hmmm .... there's a blonde moment. Bloody hell I have no idea ! Why is it I can't work with both a windows functioning computer and a macbook all at the same time ? Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me ? Anyhow, if I do find any photos I'll post them later on.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a before and after. Although I am not completely satisfied with the end result, but due to financial means I am having to put the lounge and its interiors on hold for a little while :( Shame as I have seen so many things I would like to buy ! But I guess that is always the way when you don't have the money !!!

Within the next month I really need to work on how to make my photos more pretty looking; they are just so blah. Does anyone with a Apple have any suggestions for software that might help me fancy up my pictures a tad bit ? I mean just look at them they are soooo boring !! Any help would be tremendous.