Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Shrove Tuesday !

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Today is pancake day. Do we love pancakes oh yes we do ! In our house pancakes aren't just eaten once a year but rather a lot of times ! My man and I we loves our crepes indeed yum yum ! Lol, but whilst I always indulged and engrossed myself in the making and eating of these fine little fellas, I never had to fear anything else. Oh no no no not until this year. Until just now I did not realise that lent began on Shrove Tuesday (how stupid and blonde am I?!) very ! This year I am going to give up caffeine. WHAT ?! Yep you heard it coffee, tea and anything else that contains the drug does that mean hot chocolate is included, damn betta get me some hot chocolate right now to make up for the next 6 weeks or so ! It is gonna be a tough one but I wanna see if it helps me and me old dark shadows; I need to perk my little old eyes up for the wedding of the year next year....

Do you celebrate Shrove Tuesday in the States or anywhere else in the world ? Or is that another blonde question? Sometimes I feel like I should know these things. I am too afraid to ask the other half he just looks at me dumb-folded and then rolls around in fits of laughter saying 'oh Chrissi dear'. Hmmm ... so thought it was best to ask you guys. 

Whilst I will be head to toes in flour and sugar today it won't be because of this fine little dandy although I wish it was ! IS it ok to ask for a kitten for a wedding gift ? Damn that would be a good one. 

(source: pinterest)

So tell me what everyone else will be giving up if anything at all. 

Note: I am posting this 6 hours too early, but I have to work early tomorrow and will forget as I am a bit dopey in the mornings.... 

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