Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's day was a hit ...

Valentine's day flew by so quickly that I just wasn't able to catch my breath and why did it have to fall on a work day ?! I mean seriously it's just not acceptable ! Either way though it was a enjoyable and beautiful evening full of laughter and plenty of love. There were the gifts a bright peach cardigan, a beautiful white orchid; I called Valentina, and a box of the darkest chocolates around. I was very happy especially with Valentina. Being a romantic French man he normally goes for the bouquets but I think he knows better these days after 6 years of being together I DO NOT LIKE RED ROSES ! Why you may think ? Well honestly I don't really know I just prefer subtle colours to decorate my home and that's it; I think !

The evening in The Diner was lovely and as for the etiquettes it went quite well until I remembered that I wasn't suppose to be ordering my own food and that it was meant to have been my date ! Oops. Other than that he did pay for the meal so I was very happy and he did look after me when near the traffic. Bless him he is such a sweetheart.

By the way just in case you didn't realise this is me drinking a coke float which I must point out is rather tasty ! 

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bethany said... looks like you had a really lovely V-day! :) I love that you two went to an American Diner and indulged in Coke floats...delicious, right? I'm such a sucker for a diner. :)

And...I'm totally with you on the red roses thing. I can tolerate them, but they're not my fav, mostly because they're SUCH a love stereotype. I'd almost rather Gabe buy me a bunch of babies breath than a dozen red roses. But, I'll take pink, peach or white roses. :)

Oh, and I loved your little tea and cake set up. So sweet! :)