Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lounge wall ...

We live in a high ceiling terraced flat in London and while filling the space seems possible what I don't want to do is over fill it. Cleaning afterwards is a nightmare ! We both like minimalism and while Eddy likes white and grey I love subtle colours too. There are many differences which is making it rather difficult to find something ideal for this large bland area above our sofa. Also the walls are somewhat uneven and when the sunlight sets a glow onto it you can see all the problem areas. 

A solution I had I came up with was to find a wallpaper that would hide some of the bumps whilst at the same time add some colour to the room as it is fairly white as you can see. Second idea would be to add some framed artwork to the walls, but deciding on what style to go for is proving to be a problem. I love Alaina's Big Ben and Eiffel Tower print which you can see here:

(source: LCY)

But I also like a more dramatic approach such as this with the different coloured frames and pretty prints:

(source: decor8)

So what do you think ? I don't want to go overboard if I go for the more colourful arrangement as the wallpaper will be quite detailed. It won't be drastic as that is out of the question, but definitely a pretty floral and most probably a pastel green. 

Oh and as for the coffee table as you can see it looks a little out of place in this very white room, it's in the midsts of being spruced up in yes you guessed it white ! In fact you can't tell by the picture but it will be white washed like the bookcase; I quite like being able to see the grain through the paint, adds a bit of contrast to the woodwork on the other side of the room which is white gloss. 


beautiful me plus you said...

I love high ceilings.. Like the eiffel tower best! nice blog... following you now!
x Marina

Chrissi Holt said...

ah thank you sweetness. I think that is the one that we will both go for ! :) hopefully good things to come xxx