Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's is almost here.

When I spoke to Eddy last week about what he wanted to do for Valentine's he suggested something a little less than traditional; having dinner at an American style diner near to where we live. I will have to admit at first I was a little shaken by his proposed date I mean if you know me well enough I am one who likes to make a lot of pretty decorations and cakes for the holidays including a very fancy dinner with champagne. This really doesn't fit the bill !

After much thought, however, it could actually be quite fun. Lol maybe we could dress up 1950s style and pretend we are on our first date sipping cola while eating a burger with chips. That would be a hit for some fabulous photographs. Trouble is I am not sure I could convince Eddy to gel his hair back and put on a leather jacket even though it would be pretty cool !! I'll have to see what I can do.

In response to the 1950s and dating you have got to check this out. 

Dating etiquette for ladies;

1. Do not ask a guy out
2.When someone asks you out it's only proper to give an immediate answer
3. Never break a date without a valid enough reason
4. There's no such thing as  fashionably late; be ready when your date arrives
5. It's only proper to introduce your date to your parents
6. Don't apply makeup in public
7. At a restaurant, it's ladylike to tell your date what you want for dinner so he can order
8. Don't humiliate your date by trying to pay

Dating etiquette for men:

1. Don't wait until the last minute to ask a girl out
2. Call for her at the door
3. Ask her parents when they want her home
4. Help her put on her coat
5. Real gentlemen open car doors for her - or any door for that matter
6. It's chivalrous to walk between her and the curb
7. Bring enough money.

My my how times have changed. I suggested to Eddy about practising these etiquettes on Tuesday and boy did he laugh. I do love the idea though of him opening doors for me, protecting me from the traffic and paying for my meal (not that he doesn't do that already). 

So we will see what happens. What is everybody else up to this Valentine's day ? 


Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

haha I'm pretty sure he laughed when you proposed such thing!Unfortunately I'll spend Valentine alone this year :(
I'm following your blog, visit mine and return some love back if you like it :)

Narin said...

lol I like the Dating etiquette, not sure if i can follow these rules though!