Friday, March 30, 2012

I am in love ...

And I think it's a love that's going to last a while. My friends and family might laugh but this is something I have been ohhhing and arrrring over for longer than a year now and it a beautiful thing so pretty that it makes me smile everytime. It's luscious and so damn cute its confetti system's tassled garlands. And OMG; oh my goodness I have just this very second found a place in London yes IN LONDON where I can buy one, I feel like I have just been sent to heaven ! 

Oh and perhaps I should update some of you that don't know about Confetti System I mean I am probably speaking nothing but gibberish right now !

Confetti System is a New York based company that specialise in making the most amazing decorations EVER !

This is one of my all time favourites by them the soft coloured tassled garland isn't it just to die for ?!  

(source: confettisystem)

(source: karaspartyideas)

Damn I so have to get me one of these. For now though I might just have to start saving for my wedding band which really is my first priority ! Then it will have to be this lol ...

Does anyone else heart these ? I am sure you do ! Argh I want one now !

In the meantime I am going to daydream of already having my very own tassled garland fair well beautiful people.

Chrissi x

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The wonderful world of ....

Pom poms !!!

OK pom poms have been around for a while now. I have done them and done them and done them so much that people tend to expect nothing but pom poms at my parties, but have I overdone it ? Do I need to move on and find another obsession ? To keep quiet of something perhaps even more amazing until our wedding or do I give them the all thumbs up and carry on with them ?! 

We have seen them everywhere and that for me is the issue; weddings, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, in bedrooms as general decoration in other peoples homes the list goes on. But are we all tired of them or hungry for more ? I am in a hit and miss sort of bother right now !

(source: colourlovers)

(source: etsy)

Although I am all for this cute wedding reception I mean how freakin adorable ! Just look at those little babies up there in a long chain oh how glorious ... they really work well with the wheels on the back wall ... super cute !

(source: rosieparsons)

My guesses are it's just how they are styled. Sometimes they can look darn right silly as in a little scarce and lonesome ... I sort of feel sorry for them ! But really it's how they are grouped and with what they are grouped with which really can give them the oh so important wow factor that they perhaps actually deserve. 

I don't know would you be impressed to see them at a wedding or would you be like 'OK seriously we need to get over this now and move on ?' Please let me know as I am in a sticky mess !! Lol ...

That's all for now.

Chrissi x

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All is ok here in the UK ...

Usually, this time of year makes for rainy weather; still sporting the wool coats and hats, but luckily enough we Brits have been in with a spot of good weather. These past two days we have been ditching those annoying woollen mittens and such for pretty floral dresses, floaty skirts and yes shorts ! Now while those of you from Southern California and Australia  see 18 degrees as cold weather we English are jumping for joy. Could it be a second Easter with record temperatures ?! Surely not. Although if that's what ya wanna throw at us then I don't think we will be complaining anytime soon. Please keep throwing the good weather our way.

Whilst I am spending Easter in the South of France this year at a wedding (which looks set to be totally amazing) if I was at home here in London I would definitely be up for a spot of picnicking in the park and if I were able to I would make it as special as :-

 OK this is going to require at bit of imagination !

Picture a beautiful spot under a smallish tree with low lying branches to hang pastel coloured cut outs of bunnies, chicks, birdies and eggs.

There would be a beautiful japanese style table with luscious cushions to keep our little bottoms comfy ! On the table would be a beautiful white laced table cloth, the most amazing soft coloured blooms, milk bottles with stripped straws where we would sip either pink lemonade or for the more adventurous who want to make it a proper celebration champagne ! There would be beautiful china teacups with saucers. Mini cupcakes, strawberries and cream, mini chocolate pastel coloured easter eggs which we would hide for the children to find. Cheese and cucumber sandwiches, cheese scones, fresh cheeses of all varieties. The best French bread I could ever find in London :) 

Ok maybe I am getting a little carried away. It would I think look very similar to something such as this : 

Oh and just in case you were wondering we would bring our favourite teas in thermal flasks. I don't know about you but cold tea in china just doesn't do it for me ! 

What will you be up to this Easter anything fun planned. Please let me know I love hearing back from you all !

Chrissi x

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More about me ...

I realised that I have never really introduced myself properly to all you lovelies ! I do apologise tremendously ! Lol. No doubt you probably aren't particularly interested, but all the same I feel it is only appropriate, that's if you don't mind ?!

OK well. I am Chrissi a wanna-be party planner. I have been nagged at by friends about trying to make it as a planner, but have really laughed it off, only now am I starting to seriously think about it. Thing is I spend a great deal of time scouring pinterest and blogs for pretty things that would make my next party better than the last, so perhaps it would only be right to turn my love for organising parties into doing it for a living.

Thing is though I am a bit fickle at heart. I have plans and then I often lose track. I jump from one project to the next without finishing the last and on more than a handful of occasions have found myself completely lost within a whirlwind of far too many ideas.

I need to start from the very beginning and number one priority right now is to work at grounding myself. Empty myself. Find calmness and a general love for life that comes more from the heart and a little less from the head ! 

I am a fairly spiritual person and yes I believe in God. If there is one thing that I truly want right now is to find a way to connect more to Him to help me on this new road to what could potentially be a fantastic job opportunity.

I realise that I have a lot to learn and I am without a doubt determined to fight hard for this, if this is what I am destined to do. 

So any tips / sources / ideas and anything else that you can think of that may help me would be wonderful.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Chrissi x

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mother's Day

This Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK. It went well and it was beautiful although I wasn't best pleased with the flowers. I did not buy enough.

I wanted a whole lot more flowers than I had. There were 3 vases with flowers as you can see, but I wanted was much much more. Lots of little vases dotted all along the centre of the table. I would have gone out and brought more but time was short and it rained hard on Saturday night so a trip to the supermarket was not appropriate as I'd have to walk and no doubt the flowers would have all been damaged by the rain.

My mommy however, loved it. I prepared a lovely breakfast for her and Eddy helped conjure up a traditional English roast for lunch (Granny was heading over and so we had to keep it simple; she is not particularly adventurous). In fact my mom loved it so much she said that she is going to keep the table this way until the flowers start to wilt and die off. Lol.

Please excuse the awful quality of the photographs; I was using my iphone. However, upside is that Eddy will be buying a good camera soon and so hopefully I can start taking nice pictures and I intend on trying to sort the light out too ! 

Chrissi x

Monday, March 19, 2012

1920s hair ...

OK I have been roaming around the shops lately looking for a nice little hair piece which I hoped would complement my outfit that I plan on wearing to this 20s wedding next month. I have seen a few and tried those few only to be greatly and I mean greatly disappointed. It's not that they are bad quality or anything like that no not at all. It is mainly due to the fact that I look damn right stupid ! I am seriously not kidding you; I look ridiculous ! So a feathered headband is not my thing. Even though they look absolutely stunning here on this model. Boo hoo.

So now I am looking for another solution as to how I can wear my hair and believe me it's not exactly that easy ! 


1. curling my hair and putting it up with pretty grips

2. curly and up again with a pretty head scarf

3. or even wearing my medium length hair down with a grip

I won't be going to see a hairdresser there so I need to keep it very simple as I am not very good with hair ! But I do have GHD's thank goodness. Which for those of you abroad are hair straighteners.

Chrissi x

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A 1920s themed wedding ...

Next month Eddy and I will be attending a 1920s themed wedding in the South of France. Excited ? Oh hell yeah we are. I am sure that Julien and Myrtille's wedding be totally amazing. I am hoping there will be numerous wonderful sparkly dresses, lots of feathers and a whole lot of dancing. I am sure it is going to be so much fun !

There are some lovely ideas out there for a 20s wedding. But one wedding shoot I am totally loving is this one via green wedding shoes. It really fits the bill. Well for me anyway :)

Doesn't it just have a wonderfully romantic feel about it ? I am totally smitten by the crochet tablecloths, flowers, china and framed pictures of what I presume relatives from the roaring 20s. Spectacular ! I am in love.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Engagement photographs ....

American's are all for engagement pictures, but here England people are a little less into it. Why I am not entirely sure. Perhaps that they believe it is an unnecessary additional cost to the wedding and one that they could do without. 

Personally, I am all for it. There is nothing more that I enjoy than dressing up in pretty clothes, having my make up and hair done to prance around like a deranged fairy whilst someone snaps up pictures of me. It is just incredibly fun; for me anyway ! For Eddy it's another story. I am trying desperately to convince him that it would be fabulous and would be fun to have such great pictures, but I still have a long way to go.

How do you feel about engagement photographs and please especially those that don't live in the States pretty please do leave comments I would love to hear your thoughts, I really really would.

Chrissi x

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mother's Day ...

Mother's day is fast approaching here in the UK. So how will you celebrate it with your mom ? Stuck for ideas? Don't want to do the same old but much rather make it special whilst being kind to your card? Then look no further. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


~ Breakfast in bed; free printables from Oh Happy Day 

(source: oh happy day)

~ Lunch at home or at the park (obviously dependent on the unpredictable weather in the UK !) Note: Add some colours it will really liven up the day even if it is grey and raining outside ;)

(source: sittinginatree)

These paper flowers are so cheap and effective don't you think they look absolutely fabulous ?!

(source: aviedesigns)

(source: theglitterguide)

3 ~a pampering session; every lady loves to be pampered and no you don't have to book into a spa unless you can afford it ! Why not give your mom a mani and pedi along with a nice aromatherapy massage ? I am sure she will thank you for it !

(source: thebeautydepartment)
4 ~ Afternoon tea and cake you could even make it typically English with little cucumber sandwiches and little scones, tasty !

(source: pinterest)

5 ~ Write a poem by hand or by computer and put it in a pretty frame for your mom to put on the mantle piece or up on the wall !

6 ~ or you could even prepare a beautiful pot or basket of flowers with her favourite colours.

There are tons of ideas out there; you just have to get a little imaginative ! And trust me you don't have to break the bank and take your mom to Fortnum and Mason's to know that she is loved :)

With a wedding to save for on the cards I'll be keeping it cheap this year. But as I am well known for wanting to woo people, it'll be nothing short of spectacular or at least I hope so anyway !!

Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are and don't forget to keep tuned; i'll be posting next week about how we celebrated.

Chrissi x

Monday, March 12, 2012

I have a passion ...

If you do not already know I have a passion a passion for throwing parties and dinners. Although I love to get creative and damn right messy in the run up to a planned event I am initially a little freaked out at the start. A blank canvas yes is very daunting but once you know what the theme is and the colours that you want to work with inspiration starts to come instantaneously and without hesitation, but the only down fall is this, I have to narrow down somewhere; there are ideas and then there are far too many ideas ! 

Looking at my inspirational board on pinterest I have an awful lot of things that I particularly like and would love to have at our wedding. 

I mean just look at these hanging lights are they not simply irresistible ?! They would look fantastic leading up to the reception.

(source: stylemepretty)

(source: weheartit)

If only I had a garden I would be having a little picnic like this; these lights are to die for ! 

Or perhaps a little of these white flowers to spritz up the reception room ! 

(source: pinterest)

Then there is the possibility of having a sweetie table. I mean who could say no to that if your table could look something like any of these ! 

(source: weddingchicks)

(source: greenwedding)

(source: pinterest)

The list honestly is never ending. There are far too many gorgeous weddings and weddings blogs for that matter to muse over I am going to have so much fun planning our wedding. I am just itching to get started making things and I think my mommy is too ! She keeps asking 'so when can I start making use of this sewing machine you brought me then sweetie ?' Lol, very soon mom !

Is there anyone else out there battling with the same old thing ... too many ideas ? Do tell ! I would love to hear about you and your wedding. That's enough of my waffle !

Chrissi x

Friday, March 9, 2012

OK shhhhh ...

(source: shhh)

Is it just me or does anyone else suffer with this problem ? Do you get really excited; so super excited about something that you just want to tell everyone even though, whilst it is not a secret as such, perhaps you know you should just be a little more hush hush and a little less rabbity ? 

There's a lot going on in my life at the moment the renovations and wedding planning just has me buzzing with excitement a majority of the time, so much so that I find it incredibly difficult to contain myself. I just feel the need to have to talk to someone and anyone about it end of ! Sometimes this isn't such a wise idea; as I often tend to ruin my much intended surprises. Now it might not seem a big a deal to whomever is reading this but boy do I get into trouble ! I could kick myself sometimes !

Point now though is is that I am going to have to really think about and seriously control my urge to be precise and so thorough with my ideas on here particularly with my wedding planning. I am going to have to be sneaky and more indirect; beat around the bush a little so those that know me and are close to me such as family and friends will be in some way thrilled with the final results. Well at least I hope so. 

This is a big step for me but certainly something that I really need to do.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Asking my maids ...

I have seen so many ideas online and especially on pinterest on how to ask your ladies to be your bridemaids, but can you imagine how difficult it is to make a choice on which idea would be the best one for me to ask my girls ? 

Do I keep it simple or do I go into detail ? One person in particular who has no idea I am going to ask them is my maid of honour. Perhaps she might need more details but I am worried that they might get freaked out; that I don't want, so what to do ?!

I love Bethany's ideas from Rinse and Repeat  but this seems very detailed. Maybe something like this is ideal later on after they have decided that 'alright maybe i like you enough to be your maid !' or maybe not :( Lol no way, sure they will all say yes ! Lets hope anyway.

(source: pinterest)

I also really like this little paperchain of maids which I believe is super cute and imaginative :

(source: pinterest)

But still something bothers me about this too. 

I am a bit of a basic girl and I like to keep things neat and tidy and I can't be dealing with all this faffing around with the cutting out of little people so I am thinking this really isn't the one ! Even though I love love love the idea. 

Argh what to choose !  

Maybe a photograph of me asking my maids ? This one is really irresistible. I love the way she is scrunching up her face as if pleading ! Lol fantastic. I really like this simple, clean, yet very personal and comical. 

(source: pinterest)

So as you can see I have my work cut out for me over the next two weeks. I want to have these out by the end of the month so the race is on. Laugh or not I take all of this very seriously ! Just so you know ! 

My ladies are going to be treated well I guarantee that is a fact !