Thursday, March 1, 2012

Asking my maids ...

I have seen so many ideas online and especially on pinterest on how to ask your ladies to be your bridemaids, but can you imagine how difficult it is to make a choice on which idea would be the best one for me to ask my girls ? 

Do I keep it simple or do I go into detail ? One person in particular who has no idea I am going to ask them is my maid of honour. Perhaps she might need more details but I am worried that they might get freaked out; that I don't want, so what to do ?!

I love Bethany's ideas from Rinse and Repeat  but this seems very detailed. Maybe something like this is ideal later on after they have decided that 'alright maybe i like you enough to be your maid !' or maybe not :( Lol no way, sure they will all say yes ! Lets hope anyway.

(source: pinterest)

I also really like this little paperchain of maids which I believe is super cute and imaginative :

(source: pinterest)

But still something bothers me about this too. 

I am a bit of a basic girl and I like to keep things neat and tidy and I can't be dealing with all this faffing around with the cutting out of little people so I am thinking this really isn't the one ! Even though I love love love the idea. 

Argh what to choose !  

Maybe a photograph of me asking my maids ? This one is really irresistible. I love the way she is scrunching up her face as if pleading ! Lol fantastic. I really like this simple, clean, yet very personal and comical. 

(source: pinterest)

So as you can see I have my work cut out for me over the next two weeks. I want to have these out by the end of the month so the race is on. Laugh or not I take all of this very seriously ! Just so you know ! 

My ladies are going to be treated well I guarantee that is a fact !


Jillian Nicole said...

So sweet! You sound like you're going to be such a great Bride--I'm sure all your maids will say Yes! Let us know which way you decide to go!:)

Chrissi Holt said...

I hope that I make a great bride. I just want to make everyone happy so that they really enjoy their time as much as Eddy and I will :)

Cate said...

i was far too excited to ask my bridesmaids that i just blurted it out without planning a cutter way to ask... i knew exactly who they were from the moment i got engaged, the friends that have been with me through everything... they all said yes, and i'm sure yours will too!

Oh and... congratulations on your engagement... or should i say félicitations! xxx

Chrissi Holt said...

Well I did kind of do that too Cate but I still think it's nice to ask them with something special ! Thanks and congratulations to you too ! When are you getting married ? xx