Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mother's Day

This Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK. It went well and it was beautiful although I wasn't best pleased with the flowers. I did not buy enough.

I wanted a whole lot more flowers than I had. There were 3 vases with flowers as you can see, but I wanted was much much more. Lots of little vases dotted all along the centre of the table. I would have gone out and brought more but time was short and it rained hard on Saturday night so a trip to the supermarket was not appropriate as I'd have to walk and no doubt the flowers would have all been damaged by the rain.

My mommy however, loved it. I prepared a lovely breakfast for her and Eddy helped conjure up a traditional English roast for lunch (Granny was heading over and so we had to keep it simple; she is not particularly adventurous). In fact my mom loved it so much she said that she is going to keep the table this way until the flowers start to wilt and die off. Lol.

Please excuse the awful quality of the photographs; I was using my iphone. However, upside is that Eddy will be buying a good camera soon and so hopefully I can start taking nice pictures and I intend on trying to sort the light out too ! 

Chrissi x

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Liesl said...

That tablescape is just beautiful! So, so sweet!!! :)