Monday, March 12, 2012

I have a passion ...

If you do not already know I have a passion a passion for throwing parties and dinners. Although I love to get creative and damn right messy in the run up to a planned event I am initially a little freaked out at the start. A blank canvas yes is very daunting but once you know what the theme is and the colours that you want to work with inspiration starts to come instantaneously and without hesitation, but the only down fall is this, I have to narrow down somewhere; there are ideas and then there are far too many ideas ! 

Looking at my inspirational board on pinterest I have an awful lot of things that I particularly like and would love to have at our wedding. 

I mean just look at these hanging lights are they not simply irresistible ?! They would look fantastic leading up to the reception.

(source: stylemepretty)

(source: weheartit)

If only I had a garden I would be having a little picnic like this; these lights are to die for ! 

Or perhaps a little of these white flowers to spritz up the reception room ! 

(source: pinterest)

Then there is the possibility of having a sweetie table. I mean who could say no to that if your table could look something like any of these ! 

(source: weddingchicks)

(source: greenwedding)

(source: pinterest)

The list honestly is never ending. There are far too many gorgeous weddings and weddings blogs for that matter to muse over I am going to have so much fun planning our wedding. I am just itching to get started making things and I think my mommy is too ! She keeps asking 'so when can I start making use of this sewing machine you brought me then sweetie ?' Lol, very soon mom !

Is there anyone else out there battling with the same old thing ... too many ideas ? Do tell ! I would love to hear about you and your wedding. That's enough of my waffle !

Chrissi x


Lay said...

I'm obsessed with those paper lanterns as well... I ordered a load of them to decorate the ballroom for our wedding reception!

Chrissi Holt said...

That's so cool ... I bet they will lol stunning .. it's all so exciting isn't it ?! x

mirel said...

Great photos ! :)

Chrissi Holt said...

Thank you so very much x

Emily said...

im not planning a wedding, but i do completely agree that pinterest can be terribly overwhelming! too many crafts, too little time!