Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mother's Day ...

Mother's day is fast approaching here in the UK. So how will you celebrate it with your mom ? Stuck for ideas? Don't want to do the same old but much rather make it special whilst being kind to your card? Then look no further. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


~ Breakfast in bed; free printables from Oh Happy Day 

(source: oh happy day)

~ Lunch at home or at the park (obviously dependent on the unpredictable weather in the UK !) Note: Add some colours it will really liven up the day even if it is grey and raining outside ;)

(source: sittinginatree)

These paper flowers are so cheap and effective don't you think they look absolutely fabulous ?!

(source: aviedesigns)

(source: theglitterguide)

3 ~a pampering session; every lady loves to be pampered and no you don't have to book into a spa unless you can afford it ! Why not give your mom a mani and pedi along with a nice aromatherapy massage ? I am sure she will thank you for it !

(source: thebeautydepartment)
4 ~ Afternoon tea and cake you could even make it typically English with little cucumber sandwiches and little scones, tasty !

(source: pinterest)

5 ~ Write a poem by hand or by computer and put it in a pretty frame for your mom to put on the mantle piece or up on the wall !

6 ~ or you could even prepare a beautiful pot or basket of flowers with her favourite colours.

There are tons of ideas out there; you just have to get a little imaginative ! And trust me you don't have to break the bank and take your mom to Fortnum and Mason's to know that she is loved :)

With a wedding to save for on the cards I'll be keeping it cheap this year. But as I am well known for wanting to woo people, it'll be nothing short of spectacular or at least I hope so anyway !!

Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are and don't forget to keep tuned; i'll be posting next week about how we celebrated.

Chrissi x


Stephanie said...

The paper flowers are beautiful! What great ideas!

Chrissi Holt said...

Aren't they just ! I have yet to try and make some :)

trishie said...

What wonderful ideas for mother's day. Love them all.