Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All is ok here in the UK ...

Usually, this time of year makes for rainy weather; still sporting the wool coats and hats, but luckily enough we Brits have been in with a spot of good weather. These past two days we have been ditching those annoying woollen mittens and such for pretty floral dresses, floaty skirts and yes shorts ! Now while those of you from Southern California and Australia  see 18 degrees as cold weather we English are jumping for joy. Could it be a second Easter with record temperatures ?! Surely not. Although if that's what ya wanna throw at us then I don't think we will be complaining anytime soon. Please keep throwing the good weather our way.

Whilst I am spending Easter in the South of France this year at a wedding (which looks set to be totally amazing) if I was at home here in London I would definitely be up for a spot of picnicking in the park and if I were able to I would make it as special as :-

 OK this is going to require at bit of imagination !

Picture a beautiful spot under a smallish tree with low lying branches to hang pastel coloured cut outs of bunnies, chicks, birdies and eggs.

There would be a beautiful japanese style table with luscious cushions to keep our little bottoms comfy ! On the table would be a beautiful white laced table cloth, the most amazing soft coloured blooms, milk bottles with stripped straws where we would sip either pink lemonade or for the more adventurous who want to make it a proper celebration champagne ! There would be beautiful china teacups with saucers. Mini cupcakes, strawberries and cream, mini chocolate pastel coloured easter eggs which we would hide for the children to find. Cheese and cucumber sandwiches, cheese scones, fresh cheeses of all varieties. The best French bread I could ever find in London :) 

Ok maybe I am getting a little carried away. It would I think look very similar to something such as this : 

Oh and just in case you were wondering we would bring our favourite teas in thermal flasks. I don't know about you but cold tea in china just doesn't do it for me ! 

What will you be up to this Easter anything fun planned. Please let me know I love hearing back from you all !

Chrissi x

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Caggafield said...

...sorry to be a skeptic and all, but then you'd get chased by wasps and flies all trying to get into your table of goodies! Welcome to England!
Sorry. :)