Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This weekend ...

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Last weekend marked the beginnings of our wedding planning. It was a beautiful weekend whilst at the same time a tough one. It was set to be amazing with lots of wonderful things planned; lots of yummy fresh seafood, beach time, visiting friends, and of course checking out the venues for our wedding to be. But what decided to pop in at the same time the flu ! Yes I was sick the entire time we were in Brittany but oh boy I tried my hardest to not let it ruin the fun. So I coughed and spluttered and lost my taste for anything which is really not great when you end up in a 5* restaurant and not able to taste anything boooo and I also sweated like a roast chicken in the oven gosh do I feel sorry for those that had no choice but to put up with all this. Poor Eddy he really didn't get much sleep with me whimpering like a wounded puppy in the bed next to him.

Saying all that we did choose a venue and a date; so I believe, so I am one very happy puppy and the upside is I am finally recovering wahoooo ! 

I am sure that you will all see a great deal of wedding planning in action around here for quite sometime now. It's a way I can try and gather my ideas into a well organised space (or rather I hope!). 

If I bore you let me know and I'll try and change the subject !

Got any tips of how to organise my wedding planning ? Please let me know ! 

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