Monday, February 20, 2012

Wedding venues .... 

This weekend our wedding planning officially begins. Wahoooooo ! I am excited. Eddy asked me as soon as we got engaged where would I like to get married and without hesitation I blurted out Brittany, France hoping and praying that he would agree and want the same. Lucky enough he does ! Why would we choose Brittany ? Because it is so freaking beautiful. Good food, good cider, good beaches (even though the weather is typically very British), it's just so relaxing and pleasing to the eye. And I know for a fact his parents, sister and brother-in-law would love it too. For Pete's sake we 'All Love Brittany' ! So Brittany it is.

Question what venue we will choose is still a guessing game. I am a fuss pot and a perfectionist so it all depends on the reception room, the surroundings and what perks we can get out of it as well as whether or not it is able to entertain Chrissi style, which is lots of confetti, balloons, candles, pretty pink and white flowers oh and of course but hush this is a secret lots of glitter. Lol I love glitter and confetti Bando all the way is what I like to say ! 

The venues on the list are of course and I would never go for anything less; are Chateau's (notice I put the English plural form because Chateaux just doesn't read right lol ). I mean if you are coming from abroad to marry in France then you might as well make it a castle ! Sounds so cool !

Venue number 1. Chateau de Lanniron

Venue number 2. Chateau de Gulguifin

Venue number 3. Chateau de Keriolet

Aren't they all so adorable. I love them so much especially the last one but heavens is it expensive. It might be another story though this weekend when I am there in real life so we will see. 

Wish us luck !


Gloria said...

What stunning venues! A castle wedding filled with glitter and confetti sounds like an absolute dream :-)

bethany said...

You're getting married in FRANCE? Oh my gosh, Chrissi. I am dying.

Are you gonna be Instagramming photos of this or what? :) Cannot wait to see what you pick...and even see what you don't pick.

Goodness gracious, girl. I am jazzed for you!!

JoJo said...

omg how gorgeous!
enjoy the wedding planning :)