Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cupcake Party ...

Have any of you ever checked out the blog The Sweetest Occasion ? If you have them maybe you would agree with me that there are some sweet ideas for wonderful children's parties. One which really made me smile and coo and ahhh was the cupcake themed birthday party. The party looks to have been lots of fun and there was some lovely activities for the children to ensure that they wouldn't be running around in the house too much :) Which I believe would be a good thing ?!

How simple is this cupcake garland. In fact I remember putting one of these together for my 30th lol last year and it was great I loved it.

Paper cupcakes and icing with different patterns for sticking together.

Of course real cupcakes to decorate with coloured icing of your choice and sweet sweet sprinkles.

And a yummy sweetie table which I feel that every child needs. It is their birthday isn't it so time to let your hair down a little bit and let the child indulge !!!

Isn't it just super adorable. To see more of this party please check it out here. I would love love to throw a party like this some day soon. If any of you are in London with children and looking for someone to organise your daughters birthday party and are interested in this theme please give me a shout.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Love Chrissi x

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