Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bridal Showers...

If you are in the UK perhaps you are fully aware of the traditional English hen night ?! Drink, dancing, dancing and more drink oh and maybe a dinner thrown in just to balance it all out. What is nice about that ? Now don't get me wrong partying can be fun, but you can do that anytime. So why not really treat your Bride to be. Make it something really special. Something she will really really like. Now please do not fret. You don't have to spend zillions and zillions of pounds to make her shriek with delight.

In fact it wasn't until I was creating my own inspiration board of what I would be interested in for mine (just to make my maid of honours life that much easier lol love you) that I realised there are so many other things to do that can be exceptional and truly wonderful and a whole lot more satisfying than going out and getting a little topsy turvy ! Who wants to wake up with a banging headache not remembering what happened the night before ? I know I don't. So just to make it clear I DO NOT LIKE CLUBBING !

Here however, are things that do thrill and delight me and are pictures that make up my mood board on my pinterest account.

(Sources: pinterest)

My vision is an outdoor picnic with fairy lights hanging in trees, a pretty well laid table with peonies and ranunculus's which are my favourite flowers ever !  A pretty tea service with a selection of ice teas in glass dispensers beautifully displayed with fruits and herbs that compliment each other and if not sparkly pink champagne then pink lemonade with cute stripy straws being sipped directly from the bottles ! And amongst the other many ideas buzzing around my pretty little head the ladies would all be wearing sweet pastel airy fairy type dresses to enhance the ambience. Beautiful if I may say so myself.

It would be so lovely to have if not all of my dream brought to life then some part of it. To check out the rest of my board please click on here

For now beautiful people I am going to get some shut eye as I have two toddlers and their lovely parents staying with us for the next few days.

Love Chrissi x


Katie said...

Hi Chrissi! I think your blog is very sweet and have nominated you for The Liebster Award...XoXo

Chrissi Holt said...

Gosh Katie I feel so special thank you so very much ! This is very exciting :) Just be nominated means the world to me. Thank you a thousand times over lol

Love Chrissi xx