Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ...

Ok now I know that I need to get a grip on the wedding planning and it taking over my entire life which is why I have decided to not talk about weddings on here until Wedding Wednesday. Cause I am almost certain that non of you especially those of you that are married want to here me rant on and on about weddings this and weddings that all of the time. Am I right ?! So i'll keep it quiet until Wednesday's !

Righty ho well the topic I want to talk about today is wedding invitations and handwriting.

(source: sidebyside)

To me receiving a wedding invitation is a special thing. I want to know that the couple inviting me are inviting me because they really truthfully and wholeheartedly want me to be there with them on their special day. Therefore, an invitation with my address written in a crazed hurry just really doesn't fit the bill; there is just no love in it. OK maybe they have a lot to write which is fair enough but seriously ?! 

I am funny I know but I am a perfectionist ! In my household it's a completely different story. My fiance has been settling down most nights head to paper, pen in hand practising and practising his calligraphy so that it is just perfect for when we have to send our invitations out. I personally do not want to have them written in a rush and then sent out in a hurry, no that's bad energy to me and believe me it's contagious. 

Invitations set the first impression and I really want my heart to skip a beat with excitement. So friends please think seriously about not only the type of invitations you choose but also how you will write out the addresses. Choose a theme and stick to it. Bad handwriting just sets a bad impression and people might actually think 'do they really want me there?'.

Now I have found a fabulous one to help you if you are struggling with calligraphy. Have you heard of faking it ?! Genus I tell you. Find the calligraphy style you like on word or whatever software you use. Type out the name and address use ...... font arrange the sizing so that the address fits snuggly on the envelope and print up in a light ink like pale grey (have a run through on cheaper envelopes to practise) then fill in the print outs with a paint pen like so.

(source: projectwedding)

Isn't it just fantastic ! I am sure I will do this in future with all my invitations and not just the wedding ones ! I mean you must agree receiving something like the following is just so exciting ?! It really thrills me when people put an effort into writing nicely.

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(source: pinterest)


Love Chrissi x


Melissa said...

genius idea!!!!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I think the writing is important too. I love that trick!

Chrissi Holt said...

I do too Kate ... glad i am not the only one who agrees ... well we will have to practise like crazy now ... save the dates will have to be out by the end of July ! xx

Katie said...

I love this! Will be trying it very soon ...XoXo