Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 Questions ...

I am off this weekend for fun times with friends in sunny Bordeaux (at least I am hoping the sun shines for us). So please excuse me for the quietness around here till Monday !

In the meantime I would like to leave you with a fun link up I discovered via the lovely Melissa from Living Holland.  

1. What do you when you're sick ? Do you act like a baby ? Tough it out ? Have any weird cravings ? Cry ?

I tend to whine ALOT ! The reason is I never have anyone to nurse me back to health. My fiance is not much of a good doctor which makes me sad and hence I whine to compensate. If I could have my way I'd have my mommy here in London to look after me but she is over 100 miles away. Boo hoo ...

If I am not too sick though as in fever and just wanna sleep all the time. I tend to lie on the sofa snuggled under a nest of blankets, sipping tea whilst watching fun girly flicks ... they always make me laugh despite the snotty tissues or whatever else is happening with me !

2. What do you do to find motivation when you feel you've lost it ?

I meditate. I lie down somewhere comfortable in corpse pose and listen to a guided meditation. Nothing fancy just a simple track off you tube. It almost always grounds me and helps me to focus and find my passion and love again for whatever it is that I am suppose to be doing. 

3. Do you wish time away or do you savour every moment ?

Darn it's kinda hard for me nowadays. I wish time away a lot lately simply because I want to speed up summer (or what I think is summer here in the UK ?!) so that I can go on holiday to Greece the end of July. It makes me sad though. I use to be very good at living in the present moment. 

4.If you could be any mythological character, what would you be and why ?

Kobaloi as I like to tickle people a lot and for some reason I like to jump out on my friends and family in an attempt to scare the living daylights outta them ! Hahaha i think I might have actually been this character ... seriously ! We have too much in common !

5. What is your current biggest weakness and are you working on fixing it ?

Lol ok you might say it has something to do with your personality, I say it has more to do with my consumption of sweets ! Oops yes my biggest weakness is that I am addicted to Haribo, gummy bears and liquorice. Oh dear and to top it all off I am not working on changing my weakness. I am not even embarrassed !

6. How do you greet someone when meeting them for the first time ?

I am a very bubbly person so probably with a huge cheesy grin on my face and peck on each cheek ... ! Most of the time I swear these people think I am a freak and a complete wanna-be above everyone else; so very upper middle class. But come on I have a pretty darn excuse. I am forever having to peck away it's second nature to me after dating a french man for 6 years !

7. How do you grocery shop ? Do you write up a list ? Go in with no idea of what you're looking for ? Have meal plans ? Bring your own shopping bags ?

I shop online. No I am not lazy ! I don't have a car in London as it is a nightmare to drive around and a fortune to park. And as the grocery store is like 20 minutes away from my house and up a hill I do not enjoy dragging bag after bag of groceries all the way back home. So I plan my meals for the week and then visit Ocado and order online. Lots of people do it in London ! It's the thing to do .. very hip lol !!

So there you have it. That was actually quite fun. But why is my life never serious ... I am a practical joke ! 


Link up here

Love Chrissi x

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