Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little About me in Instagram ...

Lately my blog seems to have been more about weddings than anything else and while I love planning my wedding and blogging other things in my life seem to have been neglected. This makes me sad.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy the planning I really do but I enjoy other things too. Like yoga and meditation, baking and interior design. They make me happy. I like it when things around me look beautiful by candle light and when I am more in my heart space and less in my head. Spirituality makes me happy and I love to coincide this with a serene and peaceful home and environment. 

We brought our flat just over 2 years ago and although there is a lot still to do I feel that my space really is becoming more of a sanctuary, a place to relax, feel happy, safe and at peace. During the 11 years that I have lived in London never have I been able to call it my home until now. It is such a relief and I am thoroughly grateful to God.

I think we all need to be grateful for the small things in life and these pictures shown below via my Instagram account help me to remember how lucky and blessed I am to have such a beautiful home. Oh and of course neighbour (the peonies were gifted to me yesterday by my lovely friend Annie) thank you so much.  As Annie is fully aware I have quite a thing for flowers and love to have fresh blooms sitting pretty on my coffee table. Wouldn't you agree flowers call for a happy life ?!

In the meantime namaste ! And if you enjoy my pictures then please please follow me on instagram: christianaholt.


Love Chrissi x


Stephanie said...

So I hurt my neck, and can't do yoga for awhile and I can't WAIT to start again. A few more weeks hopefully. Our daughter loves it too!

Love these photos...they're so soothing!

Chrissi Holt said...

Hi Stephanie !

I stopped doing yoga for a year and my back is so stiff ... but i believe it is just starting to ease up a little ... what I really need is Thai massage every other day !!! xx