Sunday, June 3, 2012

Movie Night ...

It has been a long time that my friends have had the delights of attending one of my many parties and I am slightly embarrassed, but with the wedding next year I have to really reign in on my spending to ensure that the Chrissi and Eddy reception is nothing short of spectacular ! 

Last night I thought long and hard of a party that would be relaxed yet fun and that wouldn't mean i'd have to spend a lot of money and the result; a 'movie night' for the girlies. I am talking salted and sweet popcorn, liquorice sticks, bottles of soda with my all time favourite stripy straws orderly arranged in vintage wooden crates. There'd be blankets and cushions galore along with dozens of tea lights to really set the scene.

(source: bashplease)

(source: potterybarn)

Now unfortunately I do not have a big screen so it'll have to be on my 32" Samsung TV but pas mal all the same I think that it would pretty cool and I think my girlfriends would definitely enjoy this evening.

But what would I suggest movie wise ? Here I am really struggling.


Love Chrissi x


Rhiannon said...

This sounds absolutely amazing! What about Bridesmaids? You can never go wrong with that movie to watch with your girlfriends :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Ive heard The Vow is a great chickflick! I love this idea for a girl's night.

Chrissi Holt said...

Is the Vow a wedding type movie if sooo i liikkkkkeeee ! Bridesmaids was a great movie loved it ! xx