Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspiration Monday ...

Can I tell you a secret ?! Well actually there are two secrets ! Wow, I hear you say (or maybe not).

1. I am eating cake for breakfast with a nice cuppa tea. WHAT ! You heard me CAKE and it's freaking d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s ! Lol

2. My big secret, The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.

This book is remarkable and a real inspiration. I suggest that you get your hands on it and quick as it might just change not only the way you think, but your entire life. Now wouldn't that be fantastic ?!

It's a meditative book so there is a lot of time spent conjuring up happy and impressive images. The more you imagine your dreams coming true, and the more you believe and bring those dreams into your presence on both a physical and mental level, life will shift in just the right way to reveal all in front of your very eyes :)

Now don't think you can just sit back and daydream all day. You will have to put some effort into it, but if you work with a determined and positive attitude, believing you can do this or that, then you really will be able to.

Oh the powers of the mind ! 

Right now I am off out in the sunshine. Thank the Lord the sun has finally made it to the UK !! So yes I will be reading this book along with a good listen to Bliss on my mp3. HEAVEN !

Enjoy your Monday.

Love Chrissi x

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