Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home Inspiration ...

While I am happy with the way that our flat is turning out, I feel as if there is still a long way to go until I really feel at home and cosy with the space.

Pinterest provides me with a lot of inspiration.

Touches that I would like to make to our home are:

1. add a feature wall to the area behind our sofa. 

Make use of frames with pretty prints, like the one found here in the home of Crystal Gentilello.

2. Introduce more details to our rather plain (yet still beautiful) bathroom.

Purchase a fluffy bath mat, find a shower curtain similar to the colour of the curtains in this bathroom as well as get my hands on a silver waste bin (how cool is this bin?!). 

(source: dustjacketattic)

3. Add character to the chimney breast in our bedroom.

Source a wallpaper to add some interest in the bedroom. I love this pink floral paper, but a part of me thinks that my man won't appreciate it !

(source: homedit)

4. Make a headboard to protect the 'new' wallpaper to be.

This headboard is simply stunning. I love the fact that it is shiny, must be of velvet origin. I heart so much !

(source: pinterest)

5. I feel that our lounge floor requires a fluffy rug to snuggle up on in front of a nice roaring winter's fire, while sipping a glass of red wine from St Emilion oh heaven !

This smallish grey skin rug would certainly be ideal ! 

(source: homedit)

So those are the things that will keep me busy during the Summer holidays and no doubt well into Autumn. It's a tiring task sourcing stuff that fits exactly what you have in your minds eye, but in the end it is all well worth it.

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend so far ? I feel much better after a fabulous lie-in this morning.


Love Chrissi x


Jo G - Musings and Delights said...

love all those inspiration images, particularly the lounge room. I need a new rug too and am contemplating a white/grey shaggy :)

Chrissi Holt said...

yay ... they are just so inviting aren't they ! I can't think of anything better than snuggling up on the rug in front of the fire with cashmere socks, popcorn and a good movie on, on a Winter's eve :)

Good luck with your search ! x