Monday, January 23, 2012

One Step Forward

One Step forward

It has been a long time now that I have fantasied about having a blog that would include all things that I am passionate about. I spend far too much time scouring blogs and pinterest looking for 'pretty things' that make me smile. Had a hard day ? Nothing but a good cup of tea and a small dose of that 'something pretty' couldn't solve. Pretty things make me happy, I will be honest about that. I would fill my entire flat with those 'pretty things' if it weren't for my fiancé ranting on at me about 'this place is looking far too girly for my liking sweetie and what on earth are those little bits of pink tape doing on the wall ?' Oops.

So you see I need people that can relate to my 'so-called' bizarre obsessions with rainbow coloured sticky tape and the random placing of 'strange paper things' found hanging around my flat. There will be many articles and posts not all original as is the case with many blogs but credit will go to those that are the key founders of the many cool things that I find. Sure there will be lots of tea and cake, (I am a English after all) even recipes to try, photographs of our newly refurbished 'girly' home, and a lot of random babbling cause boy do I like to ramble !

For now I will leave you with a few photographs of our home before we started the works !

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