Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Saturday Browse Around

Hello and happy weekend ! I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend so far ? Today has been a pleasurable day. I spent the morning visiting various vintage shops in Angel not knowing really what I would find but intent in finding a 1920s dress for a wedding I am attending in April. However, I found that I was outa look. I mean really £390 for a dress ?! Crazy ... OK I know it's vintage and all and I respect that but I would have to be insane to want to spend that much money on a dress that I am going to wear like once !

Disappointed yes I am and I won't deny that. Cause lets just face it I really do like to look my best and I am a bit of a sucker for dressing up, but no way am I forking out that kind of money. No no no.

On a much happier not what I did discover today was a cute little quirky shop called Smug run by Interior and Graphic designer Lizzie Evans. You can find a mixture of contemporary and vintage items for sale there, which for me is a match made in heaven. She has a website which when you get the chance go and take a smooch around Most of everything in this shop are things that I have been pinning and fantasying about having on Pinterest. I LOVE that place. In fact I would have brought tons of stuff if it hadn't been for a wee thing like me having to save for my own wedding next year ! So I couldn't really just shop by whim, but then I couldn't really leave empty handed; so I thought long and hard and eventually decided on purchasing this adorable little Barn Owl Print for only £10 ! Isn't it just cute ?! Also a couple of other adorable prints that they have on offer. Enjoy !

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