Monday, April 30, 2012

The spare room ...

At this present time I am in a rush to complete the makeover of our second bedroom. Although I am loving it what I am not loving is the fact that we can't find a colour for the walls that we have in mind. Light grey is our preferred option but it appears that non of the greys we try are light enough when painted on to our walls ... frustration .... yes indeed. I want to do something different to magnolia but this is proving a headache. 

Besides that I am battling in my mind of what to do design wise in the room. It's fairly smallish and there are two giant built in wardrobes and a big Ikea chest of drawers. I would like to make it an office / guest room. But the dilemma is where would I put a desk ?! I was thinking of a desk something similar to this foldup one from IKEA. But my worries are that it might look a tad outta place on the wall in a small room. ?!

Or then there is the option of a pull up one that easily folds away for when the sofa bed is opened up and prepared for guests. I really like this idea but I just can't seem to find what I am looking for. Have any of you come across a desk similar to this drawing because basically this is what I want ! It folds up nicely as you can see and pushed to the side of the room it can be used as a side board for my girl friends to put their perfumes, makeup, jewellery on etc ...

You see I really want a desk to work from instead of my laptop on my sofa. Pictures such as these have me drooling for a cutely dressed desk with pretty flowers, beautifully arranged pens, a cute paper weight, a letter holder oh the list is endless ...

(source: heygorg)

(source: simplystated)

I feel inspired right now. And I just took one last look at the Farrow and Ball paint sample on our wall and have decided I actually quite like it ! It really works with the white. I'll keep you posted on what we decide !

Chrissi x

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