Friday, April 27, 2012

My week in instagram ... 

Spring is certainly here everything is starting to look so fresh and green which is really not surprising considering the amount of rain we have been having lately. The flowers are being whipped by the lashing winds and my hair has seen nothing but a pony tail all week; I feel so unglamorous, I am in desperate need for some sunshine. 

And a spring clean. I think we all need to have a good clean from time to time and why not at the beginning of a season of fresh new beginnings. Now I am not talking in terms of scrubbing and dusting your home from top to bottom, but our own bodies. I think I mentioned previously that I was somewhat of a bit of a health freak and whilst I was going through a raw vegan stage and cleansing like mad I had never felt so great. Now I am not suggesting that you need to go to such extreme measures but that I think it is important to look after ourselves and support our bodies in a more natural way than feeding it with artificial and fake foods which are of no benefit to us whatsoever.

So with thoughts like this on my mind why would I go and eat 'Australian Fairy Bread?'. Well actually I had no idea at the beginning of the week what fairy bread was ! So my Aussie friend suggested that she would make some for the children we look after. Now when she was collecting the ingredients at the grocery store horror struck ... white bread and sprinkles .... WHAT ?! She must be kidding me ?! But no when I turned up at her work later on that day there was indeed triangular slices of bread with sprinkles on. OMG I thought that's just wrong. No way. How could anyone eat that ??? Giving her the benefit of doubt though I tried that fairy bread and in fact it was actually rather nice believe it or not ! My other English friend though refused point blank to try it !! Lol ... can't say though I love it that much I will want to make any myself lol but at least I tried !

Last but not least I have seen my fair share of cute animals this week. Baby bunnies, tiny tiny hamsters, puppies and this cute little cat who is just so uber friendly. He/she comes to greet us every time we pass their house and my how Catherine loves her. This cat can seriously turn her life around (not that she has a bad life but you know toddlers everything is just so unfair !) I think I need to kidnap the cat it's a legend in my books. 

What has everyone else been up to. How's your weather been hopefully better than here in London !

Have a wonderful weekend !

Chrissi x

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trishie said...

Haha, i love your thoughts on the fairy bread. I'm not a fan either but they're really big here esp for children's parties