Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh what a LOVELY day ...

For my 30th birthday last September (yes I am 30 !) my lovely boss brought me vouchers for a day spa in Notting Hill. Now with the wedding of the year only a few days away I thought it was about time that I took advantage and got myself down there for a spot of pampering.

For the first time ever I had a hot stone massage and boy was that an experience.  I mean I was kinda freaking out a tad bit prior to the treatment lol hot stones WHAT ?! But having survived and enjoyed a traditional Thai massage I thought oh heck I can handle this. 

Why was I all panicky ??? The massage was AMAZING. She applied the perfect amount of pressure and upon first contact yes the stone was hot but not that hot; for crying out loud Chrissi she has to hold it in her hand ... uh doh ! Gosh I could have lay there all day. If only !
Truly and honestly I loved it and I sure as hell will be saving for another !

(source: Completetherapy)

And that wasn't all after lunch I went back for a manicure and now my nails are ready for partying ! They are very very red and I am totally smitten by them. I sure as hope everyone else likes them.

(source: instagram)

And now I am more or less ready for the wedding wahoooo.

That's all for now.

Chrissi x


Melissa said...

your nails look great. im jealous!! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

the nails look great and I love a good massage. I think you are definitely ready now :)

Chrissi Holt said...

Thanks ! Still looking spectacular ... hope they last till Saturday ! xx