Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Restful Valentine's Evening ...

This is what happened on Valentine's Day ...

We have been so busy with wedding planning and renovations lately that I wanted to create a peaceful and relaxing Valentine's this year. I wasn't really into doing anything big and extravagant and a Valentine's Movie Night at home seemed so fabulous that it was simply a must. Being me though I wasn't going to settle down with my sweetie with no decorations or details. No, no, no. I am the type of girly that gets a wee bit carried away with pretty things that help mark special occasions. With Valentine's being about love and romance there was a whole lot of pink and cheese (Valentine's Day - the movie). Lol, I think my man rolled his eyes when he saw the movie choice for the night. 

On the side I haven't been around much lately as too much as been happening here, but I still use Instagram on a frequent basis. I'd love it if you would follow me !

Love Chrissi xo

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Feeling A Lot Like Christmas Around Here ...

I hope you all had a truly fun and festive weekend ? This weekend was busy for us. We made pretty cocktail stirrers and Winter Warmer bags for our annual Christmas Lunch get together with friends. We finished trimming our tree, I managed a spot of do it yourself in the flat, but didn't get too far (getting messy with glue and tinsel was far more appealing than painting door frames !). We wrapped a zillion Christmas presents and have enjoyed the week opening our mini advent gifts. 

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Have a sweet day.

Love Chrissi xo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas is fast approaching ...

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I just can't believe Christmas is around the corner. Are you prepared yet ? I am not ! I am off next weekend Christmas shopping as my mom is in town and I'm really looking forward to hitting the shops here in London. The trouble is when I am supposed to be looking for other people I am so tempted to buy for myself ... lol ... do you have this problem too ?!

Anyway, some of the things I will be doing this Christmas is working on my pink, white and gold theme. There will be glittery letters, lots of twinkly lights around the flat as well as some home made glittered animals such as these sweet reindeers to hang on our tree.

I am so excited and can't wait to put up our tree next Saturday. I know it's just the 1st but at least I'm not putting it up in November (no offence to those that do) it just seems wrong ... well for me anyway !

Have a joyful weekend.

Love Chrissi xo

Don't forget to comment and let me in on your Christmas fun. It always inspires me.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Time to do the things that make you happy ...

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Life has many stresses and they often come on a day to day basis. What do we do about them? We let them get to us and allow them to bring us down.
But did you know that your life IS in your hands and that you have control.  

Thinking positive and doing things that make you happy will make a huge difference and in no time at all you will see good things flow smoothly and nicely right your way. And yes things will just work themselves out kinda miraculously ... 

Over the past few years  I learnt a lot about life and the good things in it.

Now I want to share the things that I love the most with you ... these are experiences that make my day and hope that they might make yours too !

Love Chrissi xo

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party ...

This year my challenge was to organise a 'Wonderland' themed party. 

Do you like my pumpkin and my lovely tags ?! 

On to the guests. Can I say how impressed I was this year with the costumes, they were soooo good ... naming one in particular the Flamingo (she had a fashion designer prepare her outfit which is totally unfair ! ).

Of course these are only a handful of photographs as I really don't want to bore you, but you get the picture ... hehehe. Aside from these there was a whole lot of drinking and eating sweets ...

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween ? I as sure as well did ... 
Now on to prepping for Christmas !

Love Chrissi xo

Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh how pinteresting ...

I am hoping to work on a special wedding next year, which I am super excited about.
The main reason this wedding in particular has my heart laughing is because there is a possibility that it could be outdoors that's if the Bride and Groom so wish.

What I believe they would like is a minimalistic rustic wedding with lots of bright flowers, long wooden tables, strings of lights, an outdoor dance floor and of course a few personal details that reflect the couple.

images 1/ 2/ 34/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/

All in all I think that this rustic wooden wedding idea full of colour (but not too much) fits rather nicely. Heck I love it !

On a side note waiting rather impatiently here for this Iphone 5 to arrive. Stalking the mailbox like a crazy dog waiting to attack the mail man ! Hurry up already will ya !

Have a lovely Friday !

Love Chrissi xo

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Currently Loving ...

images 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

A mixture of gold and white frames. This lovely simple gold necklace by SevenNin9 Shoppe (take note Eddy ... thinking possible Christmas present  ?!). As well as white soft shabby chic bed linen to doze amongst on a lazy sunday morning... of course with a nice cup of tea. Oh and lets not forget this sweet scented Diptyque candle for those dark, dreary winter nights drawing in here in England... don't you think Jasmine is the best floral scent like ever ???

And speaking of all things white and pretty ...where on earth is my new Iphone 5????
I can't wait any longer its been almost 3 weeks .... this is torture I am sure of it :(

Hope you are all having a blessed week.

Love Chrissi xo