Friday, November 9, 2012

Time to do the things that make you happy ...

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Life has many stresses and they often come on a day to day basis. What do we do about them? We let them get to us and allow them to bring us down.
But did you know that your life IS in your hands and that you have control.  

Thinking positive and doing things that make you happy will make a huge difference and in no time at all you will see good things flow smoothly and nicely right your way. And yes things will just work themselves out kinda miraculously ... 

Over the past few years  I learnt a lot about life and the good things in it.

Now I want to share the things that I love the most with you ... these are experiences that make my day and hope that they might make yours too !

Love Chrissi xo

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Gaby Robinson said...

Very beautiful collection.