Thursday, October 18, 2012

Calligraphy ...

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I love calligraphy. I love anything pretty and girly and I especially love it when people pay particular attention to such details. I don't like bad handwriting. Sloppy, badly written addresses makes me want to cry. Where is the passion, the enthusiasm, the heart and the soul and most importantly the love ?? Hmmm, OK maybe I am being a little overdramatic (I studied theatre), but seriously in all honestly wouldn't your heart skip a beat, if you were to receive  an invitation in a calligraphed envelope as beautifully crafted as the ones above? I know for a FACT that I would ... and there is no doubt about that.

Now my point of this post ... is ... would you pay to have someone handwrite your addresses in calligraphy or would you stick to your own hand or even have labels printed up ? If the above interests you ... then how much would you be willing to spend per envelope ?

And don't forget to be honest, I love honesty :)

In the meantime I am off for some snoozey.

Love Chrissi xo


livlovelaugh said...

I guess if it's for special occasion (like a wedding), maybe up to $1.00 per envelope?

I'd probably opt out to print it out using 'cursive'...


Gabriele V. said...

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