Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weddings and details ...

There are weddings here in the UK that are seriously not my style in fact they are so old school, so blah and boring that I really want to scream. I know that the UK is really starting to catch on with the likes of US style weddings, which makes me super happy, but why are we still so far behind ?

I don't want to seem rude or anything, but are there any other fellow Brits reading this that would agree ?  I mean look at the Americans, the French, the Spanish, now they know how to throw a real wedding. Look at the fun games, the small details that turn a hey ok wedding into spectacular event.

I am ALL for details and fun, they make me wanna jump with excitement. One of the reasons I believe I excel at planning parties is simply because I love to concentrate on the mini additions, which really bring a table arrangement to life.

For one I love this photo shoot first shown by Green Wedding Shoes. Look at how beautiful it is with it's white, gold and pink accents. I love the golden log to hold the florals, the white backdrop, the pink peonies, the gold cutlery, the confetti, the sweet paper flowers on the wall. So eye catching wouldn't you agree ?

Well we can all have this and it needn't be expensive. You can make a lot of these things yourself. You just need to have the time and the patience and if you look on google and research wedding games there are tons of ideas out there.

If you are in the process of wedding planning would you mind if I really encouraged you to think about such details ? I promise that they would definitely turn your wedding into a truly fantastic union certainly worth remembering forever.

Learn how to make yourself some table runners, ribbon garlands, floral arrangements, paper flowers, pom poms, your own seating charts, homemade wedding favours. The list is endless, but not impossible. Go on give it a try !

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Love Chrissi xx

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